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    E-Commerce China: How To Solve A Closed B2B Market

    The Chinese market is hugely important to the electronic component industry, but isn’t usually mentioned in the context

    Stan Foo

    Stan Foo joined Sourceability in April 2016 as the Sales Director for China. Prior to Sourceability, Stan has worked for companies in the EMS and independent distribution industries for 12 years.

    Why Sourcengine: Our Humble Beginnings

    As we stand on the cusp of a truly connected supply chain, it’s worth taking a look back at why we decided to create

    Yashar Shahabi

    Yashar Shahabi is the Senior Vice President for Digital Solutions based out of Sourceability’s technology center in Irvine, California. He comes from an engineering background with a Bachelor in Electronics Engineering and an MA in Mobile Communications from University of London, King’s College. He has been in the electronics distributions industry since 1999 and has held various management positions across the globe in UK, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong and China. He joined Sourceability in early 2016 based on the company’s vision for digital transformation of the electronic components supply chain.

    Approved Vendor Lists Part 3: #ExtremeSourcing

    If you think sourcing is boring, you’ve never worked for an independent distributor intent on providing whatever its

    Josh Pucci

    Josh Pucci is Sourceability's VP of OEM sales to Asia and the Americas. Prior to joining.